Evan Pickard

Professionally, my career has involved a number of design positions that have strengthened my experience in the field tremendously. My work has branched out through print, web/digital, UI/UX, and 3D modeling/design, which has offered me a wide variety of design education that continues to grow daily. Having this broad range of design jobs has developed me into a well rounded and capable designer, who assess and adapts to any project or challenge that may arise. Through these experiences, I developed a love for the craft of design and how it touches each person who experiences my work.

While I provide a number of design services, the project of which I am most proud was my work conceptualizing and designing the liveries for Turner Motorsport and ECS Tuning demonstration cars, which have been displayed at numerous shows and track events to national audiences.  The feedback from bystanders saying “wish they designed a wrap for my car” is the kind of response to my work that provides the most substantial reward to me as a designer.

It’s projects like these that drive me to become the best I can so that my creative talent and ambition can change someone's ideals, opinion, perspective or disposition. To keep stretching my creative legs I will continually look for opportunities to improve myself as a designer and as a person.